Did you ever go to a party where people ask your opinion about what you do when they find out your profession? As a professional interior designer in Bergen County NJ, this happens to me a lot.  I often get asked why people hire interior designers and I try to explain to them what an interior designer can do for them that they might not be aware of.  Here’s my top ten reasons to hire me:

#1.  An interior designer helps you get the most from your budget and saves you money.

The budget question is huge.  You really need to figure out that one before your project starts. 

What do you need to ask yourself?

What items you think will be going into the space you are planning to design?  Will you need seating?  Will that be a sofa or two?  Some side chairs?  Will you need a coffee table? 

How about an area rug?  What about an area rug?  What size will that be? 

Do the windows/slider in the space need a window covering of some sort?  How much are you willing to spend on these things?  Then add all that up. 

What does it come to?  Is that figure in your mind?  In your budget?  If you can do that, you will have a pretty good idea where your budget number should fall.  Now add about 20-25 percent.  That is more realistic.

#2.  An interior designer saves you time and effort by bringing you the correct, edited items to select from.

Do you know how many fabrics there are out there?  Do you know the characteristics of each fiber content for how it will wear and hold up?  Clean?  Pill or stay smooth?  That is just one of the major decisions you will have to make when you focus on seating. 

There are probably 100 more decisions like that to make by the time your room is complete!  When you work with a designer, the decision making is culled down to the top three for you to choose from.  That is a huge advantage to you!

#3 and #4.  An interior designer is your advocate in the design process AND creatively answers the challenges of your project.

While you are in the phase of designing the space, there are loads of questions that you will be asked to help the designer create a space that is perfect for you, your family, and the life you live.  Your designer wants you to be happy and will be the one who is the guardian of your project, so it comes out well, with as little hassle to you as possible.

#5.  An interior designer specifies the correct lighting solutions for the best results.

Today more than ever, lighting is super important.  There are thousands of fixtures and many finishes to select from.  Lighting courses comprise at least a whole semester and is even offered as a master’s degree in university.  It is that important.  Lots to know.  Your professional has those answers!

#6.  An interior designer works with construction professionals on your behalf.

An experience interior designer has lots of proficiency in working on construction for projects.  There is a whole other vocabulary and way of doing things that comes with the territory!  The client may not understand or have the knowledge to figure out the contractor’s meaning and his methods.  This can lead to conflict and difficulties. 

The designer has the skills to communicate with both the client and the contractor, so things move smoothly through the process.

#7.  An interior designer is interested in keeping you safe, guarding your health and well-being.

In today’s times, maintaining good health in the home is a priority.  A professional interior designer has the training and knowledge of the materials to use to enhance that goal.  The use of Universal design principles in the design solutions will permit someone to stay in their home much longer than ever before.

#8.  An interior designer gets you the best quality and function for your money.

Here is that pesky budget again!  Yes, there are manufacturers at every level.  The designer knows who to use for the best choices for your budget needs.  This is invaluable to you.

#9.  An interior designer brings you knowledge and understanding you can trust.

This comes back to working on your behalf.  The years that a professional designer puts into education and their experience serve you well for your project.  A professional has kept up with the building codes, advances in technology, the latest information on products and will be able to impart that to you for your project.

#10.  An interior designer creates a sense of home.

No two people are alike.  They have different taste levels.  They have personal likes and dislikes.  Overall, there is a common goal and that is to create a home that is welcoming to them, their family, and friends.  A designer works out the best way to create that feeling for YOU.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should work with an interior designer.  A professional is a designer who has a degree in interior design, years of experience in the type of design you are looking for and has passed an exam given by the National Council of Interior Designers. 

I hope this helps explain what a professional interior designer can do for you!

Please reach out if I can help you!

Thank you!