As a professional interior designer in Bergen County, New Jersey, I am often asked for advice for improving someone’s home.  After sheltering in place for so long, I am sure you have studied your home in great detail.

There is always something you can do.

What if your space just doesn’t feel right?  Finding the cause for an annoying problem will go a long way to correcting it.

Is it a bad furniture layout?

Does the room need more light?

Maybe the room feels like it needs more height?

Here are some tips that you can do to solve some problems.


Maybe the way the furniture is currently placed causes an inefficient traffic pattern.  A different configuration may help correct the problem.  If you are re-arranging try to determine a new focal point.  This will turn your attention to something else and add more interest.

Do you need different size pieces?

Do you have too many? Not enough?

Analyze the situation to figure it out on paper before you start lugging things around physically!  Sofas are really heavy.


If your room is dark and needs more light, there are things you can do.

First, check on the wattage of the bulbs you are using in the room.  Most spaces have more than one artificial light source such as overhead recessed lights, chandeliers or other light fixtures, lamps and task lighting.

Maybe you need more wattage?  A different color bulb?  That might be an answer for you.

Bright, airy rooms are more inviting and comfortable.  If you have heavy dark drapery, perhaps now would be a good time to take them down and replace them with a lighter window treatment.

Cleaning the windows is an easy fix to make the natural light entering the room sparkle.

Is your room painted in a darker, moody color?  Dark colors absorb light.  Consider repainting in a lighter color.  Light colors reflect the light and make the room feel happier.

Do you have a mirror in the room?  Mirrors help bounce the light around the room, so it feels brighter.


We hardly ever think about the height of the room.  Most standard ceiling height is eight feet.  But the room can seem lower if too many elements are placed lower in the room.   Take a look at what is mounted on the walls.

Changing to floor to ceiling curtains makes a huge difference in making a room seem taller.

Hanging art higher up on the wall can elevate the eye as it passes over the art.  But be careful not to hang things too high!

There are so many possibilities that help make your home feel more comfortable right now.  Making some changes may help you enjoy being there!

Need help?  Please reach out.  We can have a virtual consultation to accomplish those small changes in your home that will make you feel better!