3 Tips for Sprucing Up Your Rooms Now


As you move back inside from spending time outdoors, you may want to do somethings that will spruce up your rooms now without a huge effort.

As a professional Interior Designer in Bergen County, NJ, here are my three tips to help you add a sense of renewed life to your home.

#1. Trees.

Trees come in lots of heights and bushiness. Depending on the spot you have, a great type of tree is the fiddle back fern.  It has large glossy leaves and is a low maintenance kind of plant.  With enough light you may be able to grow Meyer lemon trees.  The yellow of the fruit is lovely and the use of the lemon is a wonderful benefit!

Selecting the right pot for the tree can add a pop of color to your space.

If you have the room, consider placing one on either side of a window in a symmetrical arrangement.

#2. A pedestal.

Pedestals come in a variety of heights and styles and materials.  Do you have a quiet, empty corner?  Consider jazzing it up with a great pedestal.  Even if you only place a lovely houseplant on top, it adds character to an often overlooked space that you never even thought about.


#3. Oversized Art.

Do you have a bunch of paintings that form a gallery over the sofa? Does it look cluttered to you?  Consider removing them and replacing all those mismatched items with one large image.  It adds a sense of contemporary treatment to the room and makes a big statement.

What can you do to improve your spaces today?