6 Things That I Love Now

I think this will become a new tradition.

Every year, as a professional Interior designer in Bergen County, NJ, I am usually surrounded by great new products but rarely asked about what I like.  I am always designing for my clients and help them to select what THEY like.

So here are a few of my favorite things that are available to you now.

#1. Specialty showerheads.

Although not brand new, this one makes it to my list. With an app for that you can change the color and intensity of the light to suit your mood and add to your health and wellness.  From spring green or sunny yellow to clear sky blue, each color has its own wavelength and so its own energy.

Other shower heads can stream your music while you sing!


#2. Bedroom appliance central.

The under cabinet refrigerator and refrigerator draws have been around for a while. When this appliance came on the market, it opened up a whole new world for placement.

Want a cool refreshing drink in your bedroom at night?  No problem.  No need to go all the way to the kitchen.  There is the refrigerator right in the dresser!

Today, to round out this convenience, we add to it an under counter icemaker and an in the wall coffee maker. You never have to leave the room!

#3. Specialty Fireplaces.

Who doesn’t love the feeling of warmth and coziness that comes with a fireplace? With the newest gas fireplaces you don’t even need a chimney.  There are statement, artisan fireplaces.  Ready to curl up with a good read and a nice cozy blanket?

#4. Hyper-Organized Kitchens.

Creating the perfect kitchen requires a lot of question-asking of the chef/s who are going to use that space.  I look at the design from the viewpoint of a cockpit with everything I need for a task being located at my fingertips.

Installing built-ins in drawers gives layers so there is no more reaching.  Having shelving and drawers that come out to you ends the climb into the back of the cabinet to find something.  You probably forgot you even had that utensil!

Today, the era of all white and grey is finally giving way to other looks.

#5. Stain proof fabrics.

Thanks to great technology you can now use light colored fabrics and not worry about stains. They just don’t set.  This photo is amazing but illustrates the point.  That makes such a big difference in designing spaces that are high impact in homes and commercial spaces.

#6.   High-end toilets.

You will know exactly why this is on my list if you have ever experienced a high end toilet. The lid goes down when you are done.  The lid goes up when you approach.  It has a heated seat! For the environmentally conscious person, there is water saving flushing.  The toilet is illuminated so you can find it in the middle of the night.  You don’t have to flush…it is done for you.  It cleans and dries you off too!


There are so many other things that make such a huge difference in how you live. The list goes on and on.

Which item would you love to include in your home?  Why wait any longer? 

Now is a great time to get started!