Color Secrets Unveiled

Color Secrets Unveiled

Did you ever wonder how paint companies come up with the “Color of the Year”?  As a professional interior designer in Bergen County, NJ, I often help clients and builders with selecting their paint colors.

Here is some of the “behind the scenes” information that goes into figuring out what’s next in our fashions and in our homes.

#1. Where do the color experts get their information?

The color forecasters do a lot of observing and gathering of data.  They look at the fashion runway, auto manufacturers, house-ware companies, and appliance firms.  What is going on culturally?  What is the national mood?  How are we doing economically?  What’s going on around the world?  Various events have an impact on color forecasting.

An economic downturn, recession, housing crisis, or on-going war influences how Americans feel. Events such as raising wages, lowering  taxes, improved jobs, better returns on investments, and peace have a significant impact as well.

#2. Where do we stand now?

It seems that when a larger purchase is being made, like a car, a large sofa or bathroom fixtures, we like neutrals. They are safer choices.  Resale often comes into the equation.  An orange kitchen might make it difficult to sell your home down the road even if it is your favorite color!

Colors from rich gray to camel are used to add more tone to plain beige.

#3. What goes with Neutral?

Accent colors often are considered when an item is not permanent or planned to be used long-term. Trendier colors can be incorporated like acid green, amethyst, or any kind of blue.  As companion colors for neutrals they add brightness and pick up the mood.

#4. What’s going to be popular now?

Browns are still important with the lighter shades being more used. Think spices and beverages—mocha and cinnamon!

Gray is still being used going from soft gray to charcoal. Adding metallic gray or pearlized gray is newer and more dramatic.

Greens reflect our interest in ecology and well-ness.  Blues, in many shades are very popular when we look to a future with more prosperity and peace.

If you want to lift your spirit-add color to your home and alter your experience.

With some planning, you’ll see what can be accomplished!

Let us help you figure it out!