This is the time of the year when we are just starting to think about coming out of hibernation in our homes after the cold winter, depending on where you live. As a professional interior designer in Bergen County, NJ, it is a time when new clients begin to work with their interior designer on getting new projects started.

One of the most popular requests from clients is to make their homes warm and inviting.

#1. How can I create a welcoming feeling in my home?

Color is one of the most important tools to create a cozy, nesting sort of feeling in your home. Rich, earthy tones evoke that feeling.  They are on the warmer side of the color wheel.

Texture is added to a space via accessories.  It is the second important tool that creates that all important fuzzy feeling in the home.  Hand-made crafts from baskets to quilts are an additional layer of textural interest.

Throws and rugs create the texture and are practical as well. Fleece throws, woven woolens, soft pillows and other accessories are good examples.

Seating is a factor in designing an arrangement that is cozy. Imagine four separate chairs vs. two loveseats.  Which one is cozier?

A sofa that has an attached ottoman (chaise style) will allow you to stretch out and watch that movie which is much more comfortable than sitting up straight in a chair.

Fabrics also make a difference in how the room feels. Leather, leather looks or satin finishes will make a sofa more slippery—not conducive to warm and inviting.  Suede or velvet, mohair, or wool tweed fabrics will look and feel more inviting.

#2. How can I take that feeling into the rest of my house?


In the bedroom, an upholstered headboard is very trendy right now.  Attractive and comfy, headboards come in a limitless range of colors and fabrics.  Velvet is the ultimate luxury but linen can be textural, neutral and crisp.

Cozy bedding that use soft textiles and lots of pillows adds a restful feeling, uniqueness and warmth.

Wall Art.

Art is very personal, and subject matter matters! Pleasant, friendly looks add to the inviting feeling in the home and personalize it.

Patterned Plants.

All plants add to a space, but those with interesting leaves, add a welcoming texture.

Mixed metals.

Rose gold is a warm metal finish. So is satin brass.  Both of these metals are trending now. Rubbed bronze has been around a while but also gives an appealing, warm kind of finish on hardware or faucets.

All of these suggestions make you feel nurtured, protected, relaxed and comfortable in your home.

Want to improve your home and make it more inviting?

Let us know and we can help get you there!