Do You Have a Signature Style?

Do You Have a Signature Style?


As a professional Interior Designer in Bergen County, this is a question that is frequently asked of me.   Many designers are known for a “look” and all their projects look alike.  Clients may hire those designers if that look is what they want.

I don’t have a signature style. I have a signature approach.

I like lots of styles personally—but it’s not about me.

It’s about you.

My Approach.

My approach deals with the design process which is a constant no matter which space we are designing.

Proportion, scale, harmony, balance and functionality are just some of the elements of design that go into drawing the best floor plan for the solution to the challenges of the project.  A good plan, done with good design, is timeless.

The process of getting to know you and what you like and the issues you would like to address with your project all enter into the solution.

What about the Style?


Once your plan is finalized, the actual style selected to implement the design plan could be any style as long as the measurements and placement are correct.  Here is where client input is so valuable. Shapes, size, patterns, color, and texture define the style selected.  There may be treasured items from the past that need incorporating or renewal.

What if you don’t know? 

This is the collaboration part of the process.  Your designer is your advocate.  She will help guide you to the specific items that say “you”—your style.  She has the resources to find just the right pieces for you to express your uniqueness.

It’s not easy to put all these things together so that they fit together and look right.  All the large and small decisions made to implement the design impact the whole, bringing together all the elements in a beautiful and satisfying manner.

When you have both good design and interesting style choices working well together, you have accomplished the goal of creating the space your clients have been dreaming of for so long.  To me, that is perfect!

So, what are you waiting for?