As a professional interior designer in Bergen County, NJ, I pay attention to this the time of the year when new introductions happen in the market.  Even in these difficult times of health restrictions, the October market took place in person!

Every season brings new trends.  In this report, we will see what is most current now and where the market is leaning. This is a good indication of what you will be seeing in furnishing stores around the country.  It is interesting to see what develops.  Some things just fizzle out while others take off!

  1.  Metal garden furniture and accessories.

Inspired by an English country manor or Mediterranean villa, these pieces add a striking touch of sculpture to the home.  It is a newer approach to indoor décor.

  • Accents with Personality.

Whether it is African baskets, or small tables, spaces large and small find innovation in these products that say something different.  Natural quartz and agate tops mean no two tables are alike.  More sophisticated and savvy!

  •  Happy Colors.

I guess we need cheering up!  Bright, happy colors at home will be a great pick-me-up!  Color adds energy and vibrancy to a space.

  •  Organic forms.

Irregular shapes add interest.  There is a theme here—no two pieces are the same!  It is bringing in nature to our spaces.

  •  Travel Influences.

When we travel, our eyes are opened to experiences we didn’t know existed.  The architecture and design of a place is captured in the items we want in our homes.  Moroccan, Spanish and French influences are on the rise now.

  •  Blue.

Still going strong!  So many examples of this trend.  Blues go from soft and powdery to big and bold cobalt.

  •  Floors.

We still love our hardwoods, tiles and luxury vinyl floors, so rugs are very strong.  There are limitless options, sizes and colors to select from depending on your style.

  •  Lighting.

As the days grow shorter, lighting adds so much to our mood.  About 25% of people now have smart lighting for the convenience as well as the energy efficiency.  Lighting enhances our mood, thus our well- being is better.

  •  Furniture.

Home offices and dining tables were very important this year!  New possibilities arose form working and learning at home.  People now want zoom rooms!  More storage became a number one request.

We will see all sorts of solutions along these lines.

If you need help figuring it all out, give us a call! We look forward to solving your problems!