Field Trip: Interior Designer finds Shower Power in Northern NJ

Recently I went to the opening of a new facility which caters to the kitchen and bath. Everything you need for either of these spaces is on display. Many of the appliances are hooked up and work so you can test them out and see if you like them.

The most fun aspect of this showroom for me was the shower head area. With a digital display, you could turn on the water for each of the fixtures displayed. Like hard and driving water on you? There is a shower head that does that. Like the water to fall softly on your head like a summer rain shower? They have that too. Want to put on a bathing suit and experience it personally? We can make that arrangement for you! Shower power on display!

Showers have become the focus of many newly remodeled bathrooms. They are the new creative space for designers to be able to give their clients the personalized style they want. Wellness has become all important in our hectic lives and showers are providing the experience. Shower design is becoming more therapeutic and relaxing.

What are some of the trends we are seeing now?


More space is being devoted to the shower. A seat is a great idea especially if you decide on a steam shower. Hand held devices make everything easier. Showers are now customized for more than one person, so each can set up the experience they want.


No longer is the shower hidden. Glass allows the space to appear bigger and lets in the light, making the shower a true focal point. There is no ugly metal to break up the expanse of glass. You can even treat the glass so water just beads up and dries clean.


For those who wish to remain in their homes as long as they can, (this is called aging in place), this is a remodeling solution that works well for now and in the future. No more stepping over the tub wall. No more stepping over the 5 inch sill. You can just walk right in (or roll in if you need too). You’ll need to work with an experienced professional so the water stays inside the shower with no creep since the set-up is different.
Remodeling the bathroom is one of the best ways to improve your quality of life and get the most return on your investment. Why dream about it when you can actually get what you want?