Floors Going Up the Walls!


We have all seen the growing popularity of wood flooring.  As a professional interior designer in Bergen County, NJ, I have used hardwood floors, vinyl planks and look-alike porcelain tile on the floors.  Now, we are seeing a new design trend.  I would like to know if it is something you would like to do?

Flooring planking is now used to add texture and unique design to walls and even ceilings.  We are going up!

Wood looks add character and warmth.  The opportunities are endless.

As an accent wall, this brings it to a whole new level.  In the past, you might have painted one wall in a room a different color.  You might have used a wall paper to enhance that wall.  But using flooring on the wall is a whole other statement. From contemporary to modern farmhouse styles, you can express your style by making the right selection.

Polished natural stones can also add to the selection choices.  The most important thing is to utilize the right material for the application and the look you want to achieve.  It’s about your personal style.

Today the vinyl planks come in wider widths than traditional wood flooring and this floor-to-wall application means you will have fewer lines, which is something desirable.  How you apply the flooring to the wall matters too.  You can create different looks like a chevron or herringbone design using plank material.

So, get inspired!

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