As we approach the New Year, we look back and then forward at what we have accomplished and how things will change in the coming year.

As a professional interior designer in Bergen County, I have designed and installed many bathrooms and kitchens in the last year. According to my real estate experts, these two spaces are most important to the buyer when they are looking to purchase a new home.

I have watched the homes I designed for my clients who decided to invest in new kitchens and baths sell faster and support a higher asking price than those where the investment was not made. The statistics for this return on the investment is quite awesome!

Those who remodel the kitchen and bathrooms and continue to live in their homes enjoy the benefits and better function of these spaces. It is interesting to see that the new focus will be in the future.


As we go forward into 2015, clients are finally requesting something that has been around for a while. Here is their “new” trend–nothing is more important than good health. People are realizing that they want to be healthier in how they live and want their homes to provide that for them.

As a designer, I have been practicing healthy ways of design through universal design, knowledgeable construction practices and savvy product selection for some time. There is a proven link between good health and well-being and good design.

A few years ago, we referred to green building and that was the beginning of a movement to be more sustainable, save our resources and live more efficiently through being environmentally responsible, using energy more wisely and eliminating pollution where we can. It was very important but not too sexy!

A healthy home is designed to use today’s technologies and materials in a way that is both beautiful and nourishing. I am glad to be able to focus on the kind of design that helps clients stay fit and strong, promoting their well-being and happiness in a relaxed and comforting approach.