How to Avoid 5 Common Design Mistakes

How to Avoid 5 Common Design Mistakes


Ever go somewhere (especially on vacation) and see something you like and think, “Oh! I have a perfect spot for that!”  Then when you get it home it looks terrible and you think, “OMG! What was I thinking?!!”

It happens to lots of people. As a professional interior designer in Bergen County, NJ, I try to steer my clients in the right direction so they make good decisions. Understanding color, lighting, room size and scale helps to achieve a good result.  (Sorry- don’t have images with bad results!!)

Here are some common pitfalls:

#1. Rooms that are overly coordinated.

It is important that your home doesn’t look like a showroom. Your personal story and personality should shine through.  I like to style rooms with items you already own and that have meaning to you.  I like to find small unusual pieces that bring your space to life.  Coordination that is done through color, texture and contrast make for interesting spaces.

#2. Using small scale furniture in a small space.

This has to do with proportion and scale. A small item will tend to make a small room look smaller.  Using one color throughout can make a room appear larger.  It is most important to have a good design plan when working on a small room.  Multi-purpose furnishings are quite useful.  In this image above, the benches are really big filing drawers.  They provide hidden storage for out-of-the-way appliances, dishes and other objects not often used.

#3. Sticking to only one style.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up and combine traditional or contemporary pieces along with antiques. It makes for a more interesting space.  But you have to know when to stop.  Too many objects produce clutter.  No objects are quite Spartan.  Curate.

 #4. Hanging artwork improperly.

Art doesn’t have to line up with the top of the door frame! Each piece is different and will dictate how it looks best.  Eye height is a good rule of thumb…but whose eye height?  Plan it out before you use the hammer!

#5. Contemporary means cold.

This style may have a tendency to be uninviting and stark. By using the right amount of texture, accessories and color a space can be welcoming and warm.

Home design should express your authentic self.  When done correctly it should bring a smile to your face!

If you would like more help with avoiding design mistakes, I am always happy to help!