New Year Trends for 2019


New Year Trends for 2019

We made it to the New Year!

What will 2019 bring to us in the world of interior design?

It’s not a sure thing but as a professional interior designer in Bergen County, NJ, I spent lots of time at parties discussing just this question during the holiday season!

I can tell you a few things I have noticed:

#1. Is anything going to change in furniture this year?

Yes. It is already beginning. Curves are back big time.  Everything was very linear for a while.  Now we are beginning to see curved back seating.  See this sofa?  It curves around and is intended not to hug the wall.  In fact, it is meant to float.

If you have a curved sofa, that means you need to have a curved cocktail table too. At least the part that sits in front of the curve needs to mimic it.

#2. What is happening in color?

Although designers and manufacturers have been pushing to move away from grey and white, it is still very strong. But other colors have been added to make it less austere.  Colors found in nature layered with textures will be very current this year.  Plants have also grown in popularity, especially ones that have patterned leaves.  Blues are everywhere and are very strong.

Pinks, oranges, mustard and aqua blues and greens are each colors used together with grey and white.  It is a great look together.

Black is back yet again.  It is  classic, sophisticated and provides a high contrast.

#3. What other materials are being used?

The use of metallic finsihes is getting bigger now. Mixing them in the same room is a balancing act and you have to be judicious when you put them together.  Rose color (copper) is not as big now as it was previously.  Charcoal and matte black finishes are growing in popularity.

Wood is always used but now more than ever. Because it is renewable, certain species of wood are grown today and others are in danger.  It is great that we can replicate the patterns and colors of woods so we don’t destroy what is left.  It is our responsibility to harvest and conserve.

#4. Any other trends you see?


Some are continuations from 2018 that hit big and will still go on in 2019, such as plants and greenery.

People who are searching for black or navy blue kitchens has gone up 93%. Navy is starting to replace grey as the go-to color.

Zodiac patterns, galaxy murals, cosmic tiles, and stars are hot.

Fringe is back making that flirty edge in home décor cool again.

Brass is kind of like jewelry. It adds shine and extra punch especially in marble bathrooms.  When shapes in an industrial fashion it adds a cool, edgy vibe to the space.

Metal framed glazing is very popular now. You see it as room dividers, shower doors, windows and zone creators.  It has an industrial and modern feel to it, while letting in the light.

Velvet is big…especially on beds and sofas. All part of the luxe feeling in décor.

And, of course, there is still an on-going love affair with 1950’s mid-century modern furniture with its low slung lines and natural woods.  It never goes out of style.

And on and on…

What project are you going to start in 2019?

Now is a great time to start thinking about it!