Luxury Interior Design in Ridgewood, NJ

Do you have a vision in mind for your residential or commercial space that you’re not quite sure how to bring to life? Or do you know your space needs a serious refresh, but have no idea where to start? Whatever your interior design needs are, we know how conquer them to get your space where you want it to be.

The team at Lifestyle Interior Designs has the skillset, experience, resources, and passion you need to take your Ridgewood, NJ home, office, or business to the next level!

Residential Interior Designer & Home Remodeling

Your home is the place that should feel the most like you. However, if you can’t see your space from a design perspective, it can be difficult to make that happen. That’s where we come in.

Rona (our head designer) and our team of experts in Ridgewood, NJ, will help you plan your space, choose the right pieces, and implement the best trends and design elements to tell your story. Whether you’re starting from scratch or remodeling a single room to bring it up to date, Lifestyle Interior Designs can provide the guidance and services you need to bring your project together!

Commercial Interior Designer in Ridgewood, NJ

Did you know that the interior design of your office or other commercial space plays a significant role in the success of your business? It’s true! The layout, colors, furniture, lighting, and other visual aspects of your business impact how employees, clients, and customers feel when they’re in your space. If your commercial property feels warm and inviting, your business will see better results!

Employees, clients, and customers who enjoy being in your office or business are more likely to work productively, trust your services, and buy your products, respectively. Let the designers at Lifestyle Interior Designs use our expertise to help you get there.

Home Staging Services for Real Estate Agents

Similarly, when you’re trying to sell a property, you want prospective buyers to feel comfortable and welcome in that space. You need to create the right atmosphere to entice them. What’s your best tool for doing that? You guessed it—interior design!

If you’re trying to sell your home in Ridgewood, NJ, Lifestyle Interior Designs can help you stage your home to attract the widest pool of buyers and reel in the most valuable offers.

To learn more about how Rona and our team can help transform your residential space, commercial space, or property for sale, give us a call at 201-568-1769 or get in touch with our professionals online. You can trust Lifestyle Interior Designs to put our talent, dedication, and experience to work for you and your space!