Secrets of Choosing the Right Chandeliers

Secrets of Choosing the Right Chandeliers

One of the most perplexing aspects of lighting is choosing a light fixture that is correct for the space.  As a professional Interior Designer in Bergen County NJ, I face this dilemma with my clients often.

Here’s what I recommend to them:

#1. The Entry Foyer

It may only be the space you pass through on the way to the rest of the house but it has a very critical role to play. It is the space that sets the tone of the rest of the house.  Therefore, the chandelier selected in this space is very important not only for the light it provides.

It must be the right size and shape for the room and be hung at the proper height.  If there is a second floor and a staircase, the selection is even more important.

This is a location where the chandelier can be a bit larger and more glamourous than in other areas of the home.


#2. The Powder Room

A chandelier is not a must have in the powder room but it can be like a beautiful piece of jewelry. This chandelier can “pull your outfit together” and make a statement.

Again, size and scale are important but the piece should be in harmony with the design, especially if there is additional lighting in the room such as wall sconces.  So if you are using a bold or textured wall covering, you may not want to get a “fab” fixture that would fight the rest of the design.

#3. The Dining Room

The size and shape of the dining table and the shape of the room and ceiling height all come into the decision for the dining room chandelier.  You might need additional in-the-ceiling lighting at the ends of an extended table or even two smaller fixtures rather than one that is centered.

There’s also the universal question of how high off the table to hang the fixture?  The best answer:  It depends!  Sorry about that.

Here’s a good rule of thumb:

Too many “stars” in one room can create havoc. You need a hierarchy so it’s about the totality of the room not the individual items.

How do your chandeliers stack up? How can we help you with that?