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What is Universal Design and Why is it Important to You?

What is Universal Design and Why is it Important to You? You may have heard the term “Universal Design” and thought “Oh!  This isn’t for me.  It’s for disabled or old people.”  As a professional Interior Designer in Bergen County NJ, I practice universal design in all of my projects. This is why it is… Read more »

What about Gray?

What about Gray? As a professional interior designer in Bergen County NJ, I am often relied upon to select a color scheme for clients.  As we approach the New Year 2017, there is a question that we need to think about. Color trends are often fickle with “the new color of the year” announced by… Read more »

Top 5 Reasons for Renovation Projects

I am curious…so I set up this informal survey… Which reason listed below is your most important driver for deciding to renovate? Improving the look and feel of the space Making the space more functional Increasing home value Upgrading features/appliances Improving organization/storage It seems everyone has a different reason for wanting to renovate.  Sometimes it’s… Read more »