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There is an OLD/NEW Label in Town

There is a OLD/NEW Label in Town Even though it was introduced way back in 2006, I bet you haven’t noticed this label or knew what it meant. After you read this post, when you are out and about you may now be seeing this label on certain products related to water use for the… Read more »

How Can You Be Safer and More Comfortable in Your Home?

How Can You Be Safer and More Comfortable in Your Home?   As a professional Interior Designer in Bergen County, NJ, clients often request that I incorporate more features to keep everyone safer and more comfortable in their home.  The best time to add these kinds of features is when you remodel.  The best space… Read more »

5 Things that I Love Now

5 Things that I Love Now We all love to surround ourselves with the things we love best.  As a professional Interior designer in Bergen County, NJ, I am not usually asked about what I  like.  I am always designing for my clients and help them to select what THEY like. I thought I would… Read more »

Do We Call it a Master Bedroom Suite or Main Bedroom?

In the last several years, there has been a shift in the typical family unit as we think of it. Multiple generations sometimes live together now, whether it is an older parent who moves in or a returning grown child. Sometimes that returning grown child has a child of their own with them. There is… Read more »