The Bathroom Remodel–The Details

The Bathroom Remodel—The Details

Once you have finished what I call the “dirty work” part of construction, everyone can’t wait until the bathroom remodeling project is completed. As a professional interior designer in Bergen County, NJ, I know this is the time that clients get fatigued from having tradesmen in their home day after day.  It is almost done.

All the flooring is installed, the heated floors connected to the thermostat, the walls are painted and the beveled mirror is installed. Back comes the plumber to install the free standing faucet and hand held spray along with the new tub.  The lighting is installed.  Everything is connected and voila!, there is water in the tub.

Now all the accessories that have been put to the side are arranged once again and the bathroom can be used once more.

Here are some pictures to show the progress:

 No bidet!  Much better.

The tub is in but we need more.

Mirrors are in…infinity and beyond.

  Almost complete…  See the finished product next time!