The Power of Art

The Power of Art

This one is personal.

I don’t think many of you know about my other company. It is a subsidiary of Lifestyle Interior Designs Ltd. known as www.Red-Zebra.Net.

#1. What is that?  What kind of name is it?

About 5-6 years ago, I was having lunch with an architect friend in a nice restaurant when she said, “You should sell your art. Your photography is so much better than what is on the wall here.”

I thought about it and decided to start a business selling my photography to interior design colleagues so they could complete their projects. Very often, when we work on a project, the accessories and art are the last items to be purchased.  Often, by the time we get to that point, the budget is not as full as we would like it to be.  I called this company by the name of the website so people would be able to find it!

Red Zebra. Hmm.  What does that mean?  Well, it is the red zebra that stands out in the crowd.

In today’s world when everyone has a cell phone camera and fancies themselves a photographer, there’s plenty of competition. My work stands out from the rest. I have the eye of an interior designer and an understanding of composition of a photographer.  I have been taking images for a long time.

#2. Why tell me this now?

In the last year, I decided to expand my horizons and open up RED ZEBRA to the public, as well as to designers. I felt I was ready.  I was recently accepted by the Art Committee at the JCC in Tenafly, NJ to be a solo exhibitor of my work for the month of MAY 2018.

The exhibit was entitled: “Up Close ~ Through a Designer’s Lens”.  It was very fitting.  There is a common thread running through my work.  It is all about details.  It’s probably because of the design principles running around in my head!

The opening reception was a lovely event in the beginning of May and it was a great success!

#3. What do I need to know to purchase your art?

Whether you are a designer looking for that special piece of art for a wall in your clients’ project or you are personally looking for art to put in your own space, the same principles apply.

Subject matter.

Where it is going.

Horizontal or vertical.


Medium. ( matted and framed print, canvas, print on wood, print on tile, print on aluminum, print on acrylic, etc.)

All of these considerations must be taken into account.  Each project is different.  Pricing depends on what you select in size and medium.

The website has about 10-15 images in each category but the computer has over 20,000 images stored just waiting for you to say, “I was thinking I might like “X” here.” I probably have something that would fit the bill!

Hope you enjoy checking it out at  I am going to try to put up the video from the show here to share with you.

Let’s talk about your project!