Top 5 Reasons for Renovation Projects


I am curious…so I set up this informal survey…

Which reason listed below is your most important driver for deciding to renovate?

  1. Improving the look and feel of the space
  2. Making the space more functional
  3. Increasing home value
  4. Upgrading features/appliances
  5. Improving organization/storage

It seems everyone has a different reason for wanting to renovate.  Sometimes it’s as simple as needing a change.  Or it could be more practical.   A leak (!!) certainly gets fast action.

Improving the look and feel of the space.

According to, seventy-eight percent of their subscribers chose this answer.

I wondered why the emotional aspects that evoke home to people took a higher status than the more practical aspects.  I think people want their homes to reflect themselves and be personal.  They want to surround themselves with the things they love and be comfortable and proud to invite friends and family to join them.

Consumer Reports recently published an issue on renovation.  Not surprisingly, kitchens and bathrooms top the list of spaces to be renovated and re-designed.  We know from our real estate agents that these areas offer the best return on our investment.  With all the new technology available to make our lives better, a renovation adds luxury and brings the home into today’s world.

From a more practical point of view, renovating allows you to plug the energy leaks in your home and be more environmentally friendly too.  A more efficient home reduces the budget for electricity, heat and air conditioning as well.

From planning stage to the final touches, experience and knowledge really help you deal with all kinds of issues that come up during the project.  Working with an interior design professional not only improves your outcome.  It is about how you feel in your new space.  It improves your life for the way you live.