What Are Some of the Trends on the Way In for 2020?


Every year around this time, the pundits weigh in on what they see for the future year, based on the economy and people’s preferences. As a professional interior designer in Bergen County, New Jersey, here are some of the things I am seeing for the coming year.

This year some things are still going strong and other influences are increasing.



What does that mean?  Well, we have been through a time period where everyone wanted the same things.  Usually, pg. 46 in the Pottery Barn catalog.  (just making that up, so no need to go look!)

People wanted to conform.  They did not want lots of things.  Minimal was big.  Now we are seeing a bit of a reversal.  People are collectors by nature.  They want to display their stuff.  I hope the displays are interesting.

That’s what is meant by personality.  We all have things we love, whether it is nature, mechanical, sculptural etc.  We all have pictures of our family and friends, even of ourselves.  SO, display is good.  Too much is too much.


This is a growing trend.  It may be tied in to climate change hysteria.  No, I do not think the world will be over in 12 years! 

But, I have been promoting sustainable products for a long time.  We only have one earth.  If we use up everything without re-planting or re-growing, we will not have it in the future.  It takes over 20 years for a tree that is planted today to be able to be forested for furniture making.  So that is important.

Recycled materials are being used in wallpaper and carpeting to name a few categories.  More natural materials are being sold, such as reclaimed wood tables, wicker, jute and rattan

Country style is back and taken over from farmhouse which didn’t fit in many locales. 

Wood colors were light and that is continuing but darker woods are coming in again.


We are seeing more interest in diversity and other cultures in travel so the accessories we use are showing that.  You may see African masks and beautiful woven baskets from many native cultures.  Colors are a big part of that too.


Yes, it is still gray.   But it is now a much bigger palate than before.  Blue is back big time.  So is pink in all shades and green.  We are starting to see much more Purple!!  This means the economy is rocking.  I have gone through many economic ups and downs in design cycles and color is the key to the health of our country.

The lighter woods we are seeing in furniture go with the nature colors.  You will see sand, green, sky blue and coral.


Have you noticed a return to the past in fashion?  It was 80s clothing.  Now, it’s going back some more to the 70s.  That was the sparkling disco ball era.  So we are seeing more brass, shiny metals mixed together.

Velvet, soft curves and tufting symbolize luxury and you will see it in upholstery.


It is still desirable.  However, as people live with a space that includes living room/family room, dining room and kitchen, they are beginning to see that some separation might be ok.  Maybe it is the noisiness of the open plan.  Maybe it is the cooking fumes that emanate from the kitchen area.  We may see a return to a modified form of openness.

It is great to be able to cook and see what the kids are up to in a young family though.


High Point Market is twice a year in April and October.  The October market is usually the place where new stuff and trends show up.  Not everyone attends market, but there are people in the industry whose job it is to go all around and look at what is shown in all the hundreds of manufacturer showrooms and report back.

So what did they say?

They said: “Green is the new neutral.”

I am not surprised with nature taking a big step forward for us.  Our homes are a respite from screen time (I hope) and green is a great way to get that feeling of oasis.

They said:”Wow, there is lots of texture everywhere!”

Coconut shells and beads, wicker lighting, and jute rugs are high on the list of items that were being shown.  Soft throws, and hand-loomed or knitted pillow covers were everywhere. 

They said: “Furniture is interesting again!”

They reported seeing cutouts, overlays, interesting shapes, contrast piping and lots of nailheads.

I am looking forward to 2020 in residential design!

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