What Are the 4 Biggest Benefits from Getting Organized at Home?

What are the 4 Biggest Benefits from Getting Organized at Home?

 As a professional Interior Designer in Bergen County, NJ, I see the benefits that organization can bring to a client’s life and home.  Here are some of my observations.

#1. Saving money.

How can getting organized save you money? When something is misplaced we tend to think we need a new one and go out to get it.  Then we have duplicates because we didn’t know where the original one was!  You should be spending your money on other things!


#2. The Domino Effect.

Once you organize one area you will see that other areas fall into place as well. Here’s how…let’s say we organize your home office.  That frees up space to store your books.  Then the books you previously had in your bedroom can all come to that area.  A central location certainly makes it easier to find what you need.  Then the space in the bedroom that you used to use for the books can now be used for something else.  Etc.

#3. Better Entertaining.

Once your home is organized and easy to maintain, you can feel comfortable inviting over friends and family without feeling the panic and embarrassment of shoving everything into the laundry room and slamming the door!  Do you do that when you know people are coming over?  No longer will you have to “get the house ready”!

#4. More living space.

Getting rid of stuff increases your space for living. Instead of a “junk room” you could have a great guest room, a media room, an exercise room, a library or even a man cave!


What is the room of your dreams?