What Happens in Step 2 of the Design Process?

What Happens in Step 2 of the Design Process?

This is the second part of the series about what can you expect when working with an Interior Designer on your project.

Our last post was about Step 1. As a professional interior designer in Bergen County, NJ, I often think about the first step as not too different from a first date.

We get to really know each other and reveal why you decided to hire an interior designer for this project.

Here are some of the questions we asked in Step 1:

  •        Did you try to do this project yourself?
  •        Where did you get stuck?
  •        What are the problems you see?
  •        How can they be corrected so you will be happy?
  •       What can we successfully integrate from before into our new solution?

Once we have brainstormed and those thorny questions have been answered and the new design plan is approved, we go on to:

Step 2: Implementing the Design Plan

#1. What decisions have to be made?

From the time the design plans are  approved, we have lots to do. We will be spending lots of time together.  It kind of feels like we are engaged!  Just kidding!

We now have new space plans, furniture plans and color palettes to develop.

We will select new interior finishes, such as paint, wall covering, ceiling and flooring selections.  We will determine the moldings, cabinetry materials and style, and select counter materials.  We will work on the hardware, window treatments and any custom designed pieces. Lighting selections are critical for the project.

This is the decision making part of the project that leads to sourcing and the ordering of the items that will complete the design plan.  Lots of things to decide on together to fulfill the vision of the design plan!

#2. What happens if we need to do construction for this project?

Many projects can require a bit of construction.  Depending on the amount and intricacy of the construction involved, we may need to prepare construction/working drawings for the contractor/builder so when we go to bidding for the right person for the job we are comparing apples to apples.

Once we discuss the various cost estimates and select the right contractor for the job, and the products we need for the building phase arrive, we can start to do the building.

This is when our ideas and plans come to life.

There are times when the construction requires a building permit from the Town.  This is for your protection and the contractor although it may seem like an obstacle.

As we get closer to the end of construction, I get to see your wonderment as smiles show up on your faces!

Construction sometimes has “surprises” since we don’t have x-ray vision so being flexible is a good idea.

#3. What happens after construction?

If everything is timed well, we can coordinate our installation and delivery of the completing items we purchased and the project will be finished.  That’s the best part!

It all flows seamlessly.  As your advocate in the process, I eliminate your stress and worry.  From the beginning to the end, the result is the happiness this project has brought about for everyone involved!

Are you ready to start the Design Process?