What is a Statement Piece and How Do You Use It?

What is a Statement Piece and How Do You Use It?

A statement piece is something that can fill the entire room with life.  It is the “look at me” anchor in a room.  It draws your eye, and takes center stage.  It is unexpected and shakes things up.  You need to be a bit bold to carry it off.  As a professional interior designer in Bergen County, NJ, I enjoy finding that special piece for my clients.  It is usually something they might not have considered.

It could be a rug, lighting, a piece of furniture, or a great piece of art. How can you achieve this look without messing things up?

Since this piece steals the show, everything else in the room should be simpler. Nothing else should fight it.  Don’t overwhelm the room with other equally fabulous pieces!

So would you think it is the mirror or the chandelier that is the specialty piece here?

Take a step back. Squint.  Look at the color and shape.

Balance is important. So is scale and proportion.  A very large piece should not be flanked by two small items next to it.  It would not look right.

This piece will be the focal point of the room. Use it as a way to create drama or to tie a seating plan together.

This piece reminds me of an old fashioned bank vault.  But it is interpreted for now.  So different, dramatic!

There are lots of ways to showcase unique design elements in a room. A splash of color or a creative arrangement can make that statement work too.

Want to update your look and find the right specialty piece?  Give us a call!   We will find it for you.