What is the Value of an Interior Designer to You?

What is the Value of an Interior Designer to You?


As a professional Interior Designer in Bergen County, New Jersey, I have heard the question “Why should I hire an Interior Designer?” a lot.  Today anyone can order online and get endless tips and advice.  No wonder people question the value of working with an interior designer.

But I feel that investing in the design services of a professional Interior Designer is probably one of the smartest things you can do.  Here’s why…

#1. Money.  Money.  Money.

People do not like to talk about money. They don’t feel comfortable.  It’s no one’s business.  But here is where the smart part comes in.  Working with an Interior Designer is like having an insurance policy against costly mistakes.  You don’t have to paint your room three times to find the right color!

Designers have the knowledge of how spaces flow together, how to combine fabrics, how furniture placement affects conversation and on and on.  You don’t want to mess up sofas, sinks, bathrubs, tile or appliances.  The “repair” is expensive.

An interior Designer knows where to invest your budget dollars to get the best bang for your buck and your budget!  It’s important to get it right the first time!

#2. Time.  Time. Time.

A designer spends a career doing research, gong to seminars and educational courses, going to trade shows and market to see the products that aren’t even on the market and learn the most current information—all for your advantage.  Do you really want to spend hours and hours of your precious time looking for stuff?

An Interior Designer has the vision to balance the whole with attention to details.  They are experienced in seeing what most people miss.

#3. The Tylenol Effect

When you do a design project there are myriads of people involved from the electrician to the building inspector. Your designer works with a team and is your advocate, running interference for you so you don’t have to deal.  If there are critical issues, you are consulted to give your input, but things are under control so you don’t have to worry.  Small things never rise up to give you a headache!  Eliminating your stress and increasing the fun part of the experience is priceless. (to paraphrase from Master Card!)

Do you want to juggle the many elements that go into designing your home yourself?

#4. It’s About You.

You wouldn’t just grab at ingredients in the store, throw them in a pot and expect a great dinner to emerge! Well, the same thing goes for designing a room.

Depending on which, your rooms should make you feel happy, inspired, energized, or comforted.

Instead of just buying “things” and hoping for a good outcome, you can enhance your life by getting the right person to help you to pull it all together in a way that delivers feel-good, healthy and beautiful spaces that say “You”.

It doesn’t happen by chance. Great spaces are designed.

An Interior Designer brings value to a design project that no one else can!

It’s worth it!

Now is the time.  Invest in an Interior Designer to help you!