What to Expect on Installation Day?

What to Expect On Installation Day?

It’s finally here! The day you have been looking forward to for a while.  All your new furniture is being delivered and installed today!  As a professional Interior Designer in Bergen County, NJ, I too look forward to this day.  It is the culmination of much work and decision making with my clients.

Here’s what I tell my clients to do to get ready for this day:

#1. Pre-Installation Day.

Flexibility is the order of the day. There is lots of back and forth to schedule a date that works well for everyone.  Once the date is set, the time of the installation can fluctuate as well.  Usually we get a 4 hour window from the delivery company, but I usually ask for a 30 minute arrival call.

If we have scheduled several deliveries from different sources it could mean the whole day is needed.  We try to space these but it doesn’t always happen that way.  So there may be lots going on at one time!

With custom cabinetry installation, two days or more may be required depending on the size of the installation!

We ask you to be there to let us in and we will take it from there. If that doesn’t work, we will usually get the key the day before.  We are there the entire time so you do not have to worry.

#2. Day of Installation

We usually request that the family not be present during the installation so that the whole process is smoother and less inconvenient. Sometimes we may have to turn off the water in the house.  That is really a problem for those who are staying around.

If you leave and come back when it’s done, it’s also more exciting for you! As things are unpacked the whole space may look a bit chaotic but as the design comes together as planned, it is a wonderful transformation!

We call when all is ready for you to see so you can come home to a lovely finished space!

Needless to say, pets need to be in crates for their protection or with you so they don’t escape unsupervised when the door is open, if power tools are being used or if they get underfoot.

All your valuable items need to be locked away or removed with you from the space to avoid potential damage or loss—all for your protection and for everyone else!

If you will show us where the vacuum cleaner is, things can get neatened up after the unpacking.

Here’s a great tip!

It can be overwhelming to go from nothing to everything. It takes a bit of time to get used to all the new things you have.  But that is a natural occurrence even when you have planned and dreamed of this for so long.

We can’t wait to see your smile!

Happy Installation Day!