What’s Up with Showers Now?

What’s Up with Showers Now?

As a professional interior designer in Bergen County, NJ, I am called upon to renovate bathrooms all the time.  Bathroom renovation can start for as simple a reason as a leak somewhere or just a desire to have a change that gives a better, more updated space.

#1. What are clients who renovate the bathroom looking for?

Most people who renovate are interested in changing the style of the bathroom.  The most popular style today is contemporary with transitional looks next and modern closely following.  Regardless, they want the space to be timeless and have durable elements.

#2. What is the most requested feature?

Hands down it is the shower.  People want a larger size than what they had before.  They are splurging on more high tech features such as mood lighting and digital controls, a rainfall shower head with dual side heads and body sprays. Curb-less shower entries are more in demand as people include their future needs in the planning.

#3. What is the color preference in new bathrooms now?

White is still #1. White cabinets, white counters, white toilets, and sinks are most popular across the board.  The rest of the colors in the room can range from grey tones to wood tones, both lighter and darker.  Since most people see this as a place that is an oasis in a heavily programmed world, blues are very popular ranging from light blue to navy, sometimes mixed with greens for a very refreshing look.

#4. Any other features high on the wish list?

Lots of storage in cabinets and vanities is preferred when possible,  Counter tops made from easy maintenance material is wanted along with faucets that are easy to operated and look great.

The most high- end, luxury request is for a high-tech toilet.  This toilet has a heated seat, raises and lowers the seat and flushes for you, washes and dries you and has a built in night light!

Even more desired is a heated floor!

Does this get you thinking about redoing your bathroom?

What would you change that would make a huge difference?