Why Do I Attend Trade Shows?

Why Do I Attend Trade Shows?


I am constantly receiving invitations to register for this or that Trade Show. As  a professional Interior Designer in Bergen County, New Jersey, I usually accept.  Why?


#1. Networking develops relationships.

Amazing as it sounds in today’s technical world, people are still seeking personal contact.  There are many manufacturers I have done business with directly over more than 25 years.  I know them and they know me.  I give them my repeat business because I have continuing success with their products.

Newer relationships are forged each year based on finding and speaking to company representatives about their products.  I can ask my questions directly and their answers tell me a lot about how they set up their company, manufacturing, the materials they use and whether this is a company I want to do business with.

I learn a lot about the trends and emerging issues they see in the next year.  None of this information is available about products you find online.

#2. Finding a unique product for my client’s current and future projects.

Exhibitors always introduce and feature their latest and best products in their booths. By attending, I get to see the newest items before they are delivered to retail stores.  This is very valuable to a designer and her clients!

Specifying things that are unique for my clients helps express their personalities in the spaces we design.


    An amethyst table.  Makes a beautiful statement piece.


#3. Gaining pertinent information.

When you are viewing a piece of furniture, you can see the quality of the finish, the hardware used for the drawer glides and doors.  You can test the piece yourself to see how it operates.  Learning about the materials used in construction and how to care for them is important information from an ecological point of view and a maintenance aspect.

Asking “How did you do that?” face to face with a person from the firm that makes it happen is priceless information.

I have found that trade shows are one of the best ways to continue the process of learning that started when I began taking interior design courses in college. Getting a degree is just the beginning.

Can I find things online? Sure. But there are so many downsides to that.  Seeing things in person is so much better.  There is so much more to learn as time goes on especially in our fast- paced, innovative world!

The best part of attending a Trade Show is calling clients the next day to share the great things I saw for them!