Why is the Bathroom the Most Renovated Space in the House?

 Why is the Bathroom the Most Renovated Space in the House?

As a professional Interior Designer in Bergen County, NJ, I have been asked to renovate the bathroom more than any other room in the house.  I wondered why this space is so important to the client.



Most of the time, there is a good reason to renovate. Sometimes it is merely because the old one is tired, or too small and needs to be updated.  Back when the home was new, the standard counter height of vanities was about 32 inches off the floor.  Today we place counter height between 34 to 36 inches off the floor.  No more deep bending to wash your face!

Lots of times there is a physical problem that develops. The shower is leaking or a pipe burst or the toilet overflowed.  All these are critical reasons for repair and remodeling.

Sometimes people need to save up to do the project the way they want it. That could involve some interior space planning and re-working of space to get their ideal bathroom.

About 90% of people who remodel hire a professional in 2016 compared to 75% who did in 2015.  They must know something!


So, what do people want to change?


Adding radiant heat to the flooring

Changing the flooring to easily maintained, non-skid surfaces

Adding high tech appliances that are digital

Installing a toilet with self-cleaning functions, motion activated seats, built-in nightlight

Replacing the tub with one that has a heated backrest and scented mist dispenser

Making room for two

Installing towel warmers

Adding more storage

Adding a second sink

Getting better lighting and adding a chandelier

Replacing the existing shower with a larger space

Adding a rain head showerhead

Adding a hand held showerhead


When you renovate a bathroom today, the most requested style is contemporary, then, modern, and then transitional.  Not much call for traditional styling these days.  However, neutral colors are still the rage!  Gray and white are still very popular.  Soft colors that add a spa-like, zen feeling are asked for often.

A newly renovated bathroom is a great investment in your home and your well-being.  It is a space worth lingering in!

Don’t you deserve it?

What do you want in your new bathroom?