Why Should You Work with an Interior Designer?

Why Should You Work with an Interior Designer?

You know that the best way to discover a new city when you are traveling is to seek out a great professional guide from that area? They know their city intimately.  They have guided many people before you.  They can show you the wonderful places that tourists never see.  Those are places that will never come up in a Google search.  A great guide can make all the difference in your experience.

By making all the proper introductions and giving you the best recommendations for places to see and where to have the greatest meals, your experience is significantly elevated. Even though you paid that person, at the end of the trip, you did and saw things you could never have done on your own.  It was worth every penny you spent and more!

What does the professional interior designer bring to the table?

That is what it feels like to work with a professional Interior Designer.  As a professional Interior Designer in Bergen County NJ, let’s talk about what a professional interior designer brings to the table.  What is the value to you?  What is it like to work together?

There is a point at which a person expresses the desire to change something about their spaces. Maybe it’s an outdated kitchen that needs new cabinets, appliances and a new, more efficient design.  Or, it might be a bathroom that hasn’t been refreshed and is cramped and outdated.  Leaking into the downstairs?  Perhaps the family is grown and all this space is just too much for two people, so you decide to sell and move to a more active, consolidated home that is more manageable.  Or maybe it is just the opposite and you have a growing family that your first home is just too small to accommodate all of you anymore.

Whatever the reason for the change, as an Interior Designer, I am the agent of change.  [check out the BEFORE/AFTER page of the website]

Is this something you want to handle by yourself or could you use that great guide who has both knowledge and experience? It will probably make a huge difference in your experience.


How does the professional interior designer make a difference?

To get a good result, there is a process to follow.  Working together is a feel-good experience.  After all, it isn’t ever about me.  All design decisions revolve around you—expressing your likes, dislikes and needs.  We’re here to help you put your personal style into everything that surrounds you.

#1. Your Time.

Your time is precious so I take away your anxiety and stress of doing this alone.  We work as a team so you can always ask my opinion of something you saw online, or in a store.  By attending many seminars and conferences, I learn about the newest introductions in technology and lighting, just to name a few areas of the market.  From years of experience and working with products, I know which products have the properties that are best and perform better than others.  There are so many important decisions that are needed to complete a design plan.  Each decision impacts the other decisions that went before.  Each one harmonizes with the others to deliver a complete project—one that is not only beautiful, comfortable, and a quality space–but suits you, your family and friends perfectly.

This leads to the next point.

#2. Costly Mistakes.

Unfortunately, once you pick something and it is installed, you can’t return it for a refund. It’s not like Zappos!  So when making decisions, you want to be sure that you are purchasing the right item for the job it is supposed to do and that you will like it once it is installed.  Making mistakes is a costly business.  As an independent Interior Designer, I can act as your advocate.  I am not working for a company and therefore don’t have to sell or be beholden to any vendor or manufacturer.  I can select the best product to fulfill the requirements of the design plan for you.

That brings us to the last point.

#3. Your budget.

It is an unavoidable discussion point and a topic that is sometimes difficult to discuss. The more honestly we can discuss the amount of your investment the better the outcome will be.  From my perspective, I can create a design plan that will reflect what the budget can accommodate.  If you decide that you want to increase an amount for something that is a “must have”, there could be other solutions that can manage the increase and still stay on target.

Can design be fun?

Absolutely! Do you want every last detailed handled for you or just need advice? It can be effortless.

While I take my projects seriously since I do run a business, I also enjoy working with my clients and getting their input. Each project is unique just like you are.  Some of our best end results came from an unlikely idea that turned out to be terrific once thought through.  After all, it’s a collaboration!

Finding the best items to fulfill the design concept is a great experience too.  You get to see things you didn’t know existed!  Kind of like the secret garden in that city where the tourists don’t know where to look!

The team of specialists I work with are excellent people.  They are skilled and talented and interact with you and your family in a way that gets the job done seamlessly and in the shortest amount of time possible.

Interior design is worth the investment for all of the above reasons but the most important one is YOU.

Are you ready to smile?  What are you waiting for?