Home Staging

Are you getting ready to sell your home?  Rona finds that, “A staged home shows better, spends less time on the market and sells for a better price.”

When is the best time to stage a home?

BEFORE you show your home to anyone, including a real estate agent, stage your home.  As a seller, you are competing with all the other homes nearby for the buyer.  Staging is a marketing tool that helps you show your home in the best possible way so it stands out in the crowd.


Your home is only worth what people are willing to pay for it.  All areas of the house need to be prepared to be shown in the best possible light, highlighting strengths and downplaying weaknesses.

Ninety percent of buyers can’t visualize the potential of a home.  You have to invest now in doing the work for them so they don’t have to imagine how great it can be for them.

Why should I hire an Interior Designer to stage my house?

An objective eye is needed to do this job.  Living in your home with all your furnishings is very personal.  You like what you have.  You are really too close to it. You need help in getting to the point of detaching.  If you want the best return, you have to think like a buyer.

First impressions count

It takes 15 seconds for a potential buyer to decide if they want to go in when they drive up.  Once inside they need to see if this is a home that is in move-in condition or do they have to invest time and money to fix it up.  That will come off the purchase price and in concessions requested.

What can we do for you?

We specialize in:

  • providing proper furniture spacing and flow
  • re-purposing rooms to add worth and better usefulness
  • specifying proper lighting
  • offering solutions to make spaces look bigger
  • accessorizing for today
  • showing off your storage space
  • adding upgrades to increase the value of the home especially in the kitchen and bathrooms
  • and more.

The budget depends on the services you require based on the condition of the house and what is needed.  Sometimes sellers think this is too much to spend, or, that it is too much work.  They don’t understand the benefits from this work.

Expensive?  Not nearly as much as the first reduction in the asking price on your house!

Make your home stand out — warm and inviting and ready to move in!

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