DO YOU REMEMBER BLACK TOILETS? Black used to be a very high fashion color for bathroom sinks, baths and toilets. Like all specialty colors, it came and went. Well it’s back again. And it is #3 in popularity in the bathroom after white and biscuit. Black is sexy. Black is cool.  Black signifies luxury. This… Read more »

Consider This for your Bathroom Redo

CONSIDER THIS FOR YOUR BATHROOM REDO As a professional interior designer in Bergen County NJ, I am often called upon to redo a client’s bathroom.  It may be that there was a leak that needed more than just repair.  Or, it is time for an update to an older home’s bathroom.  Many times, a new… Read more »

What are the Benefits of a Steam Shower?

What are the Benefits of a Steam Shower? You know this one…there’s nothing like a good, hot shower at the end of a long day. You are tired, achy or just want to chase away the winter blahs. We all crave the spa-like environment a well-designed shower can add to the experience.  But you used… Read more »