Stay At Home With Rona

A Personal Note from Rona:

This is certainly a unique period in our lives.  You and I have never experienced anything quite like it. I hope you and your families are and continue to be safe and healthy. 

I like having a good mindset and being positive, especially now, with the virus keeping most of us at home.  Staying at home for many months at a time can have a silver lining.  We get to appreciate what we have and what works.  We also get to rethink what doesn’t work for us anymore.

Now is a good time to take advantage of our situation and plan an “audit” of our homes.  You can start to plan what can be done to make small or larger improvements.  Want an expert opinion?  Have a design dilemma?  Every project is not a huge deal.

As a firm, I have given this a lot of thought.  Even if I can’t walk in and sit down with you at your kitchen table, we can connect and do what’s needed in new ways.  Technology is helping us change how we accomplish our goals, going about it a bit differently for now.

Let’s take this moment, while you are homebased, to work together to help make your home perform better for you.  We can add the design direction and touches that improve your wellness so you will be happier and more satisfied. 

Want to see what this is all about? 

I am calling this new service: “Stay Home with Rona” and hope you will like the personal touch for providing solutions for now and in the future.

Do you know someone else who would love this design experience?  Gift certificates are available as well.

Special Services

Block out your Time Units. 

Now is a perfect time to consult with a professional interior designer.  Discuss your home with Rona who will work with you to figure out how you can make improvements now or in the future.

Here are some thoughts/questions you may have:

I just want to spruce things up a bit.

Want a new color scheme? 

Have you ever thought wallpaper would be a great in your space?

Which wallpaper should you look for?

Think your furniture could be re-arranged?

Need more pieces?  Different pieces?

Change the flooring?  Add a rug? 

 Do you need advice on counter tops?

How should you accessorize your space?

How can you add wellness to your home?

How can you prepare to sell your home?

What can art do for your room?  Is your art hung correctly?


How do you do this?  It’s very easy.

If you decide to move forward please contact Rona at 201-637-3557 or fill our our contact form on the right to walk it through with Rona.

  1. Answer a few verbal questions to help you decide how much time you will require.
  2. Select the number of hours you would like to invest in.
  3. Make your payment. (Rona will contact you to begin.)
  4. The two of you will work remotely, depending on the circumstances, to develop the plans you need to accomplish your goals.

Check it out?  Good luck!

What are the Units of Time available now?

Number of HoursTotal Price
2 hours  $300
3 hours $450
6 hours  $900

If your project requires more extensive problem solving, we will make a formal proposal for interior design services.

What services do you get with consultation time?

When we begin, depending on what your goals are, we will make an outline of what we wish to accomplish during each session/talk.  Obviously, the more spaces you wish to work on, the longer it will take.  You may need to purchase an additional block of time to complete everything you would like to do.

Sometimes, an answer needs some research and time to get back to you.

Sometimes, with lots of small questions, we can accomplish a great deal in a short period of time.

If we need to develop formal space plans for you, this consultation time can be incorporated into the larger project going forward with a contract for additional services.

Looking forward to helping you solve your design problems.