5 Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Luxurious

5 Easy Ways to Make your Bathroom More Luxurious

Remodeling or renovating the bathroom is one of the top requests for home improvement projects in Bergen County, NJ and around the country.  There are many reasons for taking on this project.  Aside from a leaky faucet, most people want their utilitarian bathrooms to be more luxurious.  As a professional Interior Designer, I love to give my clients all that but I also include the items that conform with Universal Design concepts, so no matter what happens in the future, the new bathroom can handle it!

#1.  Why do people see the bath as a sanctuary?

Following the progress from the discovery of the leak to the creation of a new spa-like bathroom, I like to personalize the spa bath experience for a client.

A remodeling project requires a few very important steps once you identify the desire to invest and improve the space in question.

The first step is to design the space.  This is the point at which you can make your dreams known for what you would like to accomplish.  Once the design is approved, the next step is to make selections to implement the design.

Having all the materials present on site before you start to demo the space ensures that the job will proceed smoothly.  Of course, if we had x-ray eyes we could know in advance what surprises lay ahead.  But when a surprise pops up, creative solutions are called for. 

Working together with a great team that knows each other and has done this work before is a great asset to the designer and therefore the client.

When all is said and done, a new bathroom emerges.  Have a soothing soak and a great place to rejuvenate!

#2.  What can we do to give us more luxurious feelings?


It is this element that is most relaxing for us.  Whether it is a steam shower, soaking in a free-standing tub or standing under a multi-head shower, water gives us a spa-like feeling and creates the oasis we cherish so much.

#3.  What can we do to keep us safe in the bathroom?

Accidents.  This is the most accident–prone space in the home. 

Safety features are required but perhaps you don’t focus on or “see” them.  Things such as anti-scald thermostats for consistent water temperature, grab bars, seating in the shower, having a threshold free entry, having a hand held shower head, all provide safe choices that permit anyone to use the shower whether young or older.

The materials used inside the shower are also important for safety but area also about beauty.  For example, installing anti-skid, smaller tiles used on the floor of the shower means you need more grout lines that give you better grip for when you are soapy and wet!

#4.  How does color affect the mood of the bathroom?

Lighter tones and woods evoke a Scandinavian spa-like image.  Light neutrals continue to have a calming effect including white, off-white, gray and beiges.  Blues and greens in various shades recall the water in those far away vacation spots and is becoming the go-to colors.

#5.  How can technology help to increase the luxurious feeling?

My most favorite technology for the bathroom is a heated toilet seat!  Now that is just fabulous on a cold night! 

So are heated floors, a TV behind the mirrors, and speakers in the bathing areas for listening to the weather report!  There are many more technology gizmos to include in this space to add to your luxury!

Is there a bathroom re-do on your list for 2021?

Give us a call.  We love bathrooms!