It’s that time of the year again!

As a professional interior designer in Bergen County, NJ, I feel obligated to help my clients with their homes beyond basic interior design. There are things we have to do every year to keep up with things and make sure your home is safe. One of these things happens with the season change. It is a must-do maintenance of your home. That is the annual HVAC check. It will help you save money! It is important to correct small issues now before they get out of control.


During a maintenance check, the system is cleaned, repairs are made, components are replaced and the performance of the system is analyzed. It is something that should be done yearly. Some aspects are done twice a year, especially if you live in a hot/cold climate.

Doing this maintenance extends the life of the system and adds to your safety.


Air filters are changed. {Good idea for this to be done twice a year.}

The thermostat is calibrated.

Electrical connections are tightened.

Moving parts are lubricated.

Blower components are adjusted.

Vents, flues and ductwork are inspected.

Condenser coils and evaporators are cleaned.

Refrigerant leaks are checked.

Gas pressure is adjusted.

Burners are cleaned.

The heat exchanger is inspected.

All of this is essential to the safety of your home, especially the burners. A dirty burner can make the furnace misfire. A crack in the heat exchanger could allow deadly carbon monoxide to get into your home. This may never happen but must be checked just in case.

Cleaning the ducts once a year prevents dust and debris from creating poor air quality in your home. Sore throats and headaches are just some of the symptoms associated with your HVAC issues. Allergies and asthma issues can be worse without this step being done.

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