7 Do’s and Don’ts for Setting Up Your Baby’s Nursery

7 “Do’s and “Don’t’s of Setting Up Your Baby’s Nursery

 As a professional Interior Designer in Bergen County, NJ I am often asked to design the baby’s nursery.  This is, of course, a delightful project filled with the happy prospect of a new baby’s arrival.

Here are some tips to help you make decisions for this most important room in the house:

#1. DO~ start with the crib.

Sticking to the style you like for the rest of the house, find the crib you like and order it early on.  The crib is likely to be the focal point of the room and the most needed item in the room.

By ordering early you will get the one you like even if it is backordered. You will have the time to return, replace or find a new one if the one you want comes in damaged or there are other problems.

#2. DO~ design the ceiling.

Somehow we forget about the “fifth wall” in the room.  Your child needs something to contemplate while lying on his/her back!  Murals, decals and soothing colors are a solution.

#3. DO~ go green.

Being ecologically designed is good for the baby and the planet!  Use low or no VOC paint in the room.  Also use eco-friendly cleaning supplies.  Have a plan for dirty diapers and heavily soiled clothes.  There are “hot-spots” that will require a once over with antibacterial wipes so organizing storage is important so these items are right at hand.

#4. DO~ get creative with storage.

Babies have lots of stuff! But they don’t stay so little for long.  Then they turn into toddlers.  So consider multiple uses when you purchase furniture that might work for you in later years.

#5. DON’T~ ignore your window treatments.

Proper decision making is critical since window cords are a big safety concern. A black out installation will help the baby sleep longer (!) and more comfortably.  It will also reduce heat in summer and cold in the winter.

#6. DON’T~ use harsh lighting.

A dimmer is a nursery’s best friend.  That way you are in control and still have the full brightness you require later on.  A small accent lamp would give you a cozy, story-time glow for night-time feedings.

#7. DON’T~ wait until the last minute.

Leave enough time to air out new furniture and freshly painted walls before you bring home your new bundle of joy.  Some fumes take a while to disappear so get underway early, while you still have the energy to finish the job!

There are so many other questions and helpful tips. We work with new parents on a safety checklist and created a list of changing table essentials.

Give us a call if you would like to consult with us or have us do this special space. Let’s make this room the best it can be!