How Can Design Increase The Value of Your Home?

There comes a time when you will decide to sell your home.  Of course, you want to get the best price you can for it.  As a professional Interior Designer in Bergen County, I am often called upon by clients and real estate agents to figure out what the most important upgrades are needed.  Here are a few of my suggestions:

#1.  The Entry

They say a person makes up his/her mind about your house in the first 30 seconds of walking in the door.

The door—it is a very important element.  It needs to be substantial and give the impression that it provides security for the home.  Changing a door is not a big investment but can mean a lot.

The chandelier—a statement-making fixture not only brightens up the space but indicates the level of quality that lies beyond.  The correct proportions and style are important. 

#2.  The Smaller Bathroom

This bathroom is often on the second floor and in some cases it has a tired, older vanity.  Rather than replacing the vanity, a white, cast-iron pedestal sink or two gives the space a bigger, fresh, more up-to-date feeling.  If you want to add more practicality, make sure to install some shelves for the items you would usually put on the vanity. 

#3.  The Kitchen

If you don’t want to go all in and the cabinetry is in good shape, a pretty good investment would be to paint the kitchen cabinets.  DO NOT TRY THIS YOURSELF!  It will look it and prospective buyers will know it.  You need to hire a pro who knows what to do and how to do it!

#4.  Hardware

Another good investment which upgrades the house but isn’t a great deal of money is to replace door knobs, handles and knobs all over the house.  The trend today is brushed nickel or bronze.  This will elevate an older home and modernize it.

#5.  Inside and Out

Paint is important.  A fresh coat of the correct colors of paint can make  rooms look larger.  Fixing nail pops and cracks in the walls shows that the home is in tip top shape.  Buyers want move in ready conditions.

Every market is different so fixing up and putting your best foot forward brings you a faster and better return when you are selling.

Good luck!  Let us know if we can help!