Have you noticed? There has been a movement towards wellness going on.  As a professional interior designer in Bergen County, NJ, I am often called upon to find design solutions that strengthen this desire.

As we move into trying to increase our good health and well-being, we now see that not only seniors and boomers do this, but younger generations are on this pathway too.

While we all like a quick shower for speed and cleanliness in the morning, there’s nothing quite like a soak in a warm tub to give you comfort, relaxation and healing to the end of a long day.

#1. How can you set this up?

The spa-like bathrooms we are doing for our clients today often include a free-standing tub unit that is a focal point in the bathroom. With new technology and materials, tub water stays warm longer.  That extra luxury helps create a better experience.

#2. What are some of the trends in soaking tubs?

Tubs today have extra features that add to the well-being.

Some options you can add are:

          mood enhancing chroma-therapy

          heated backrests



          air jet technology to give a great massage

          and weightless rejuvenation…what’s that?  floating!

Additionally, from a design point of view tubs are often the centerpiece of the room. White is still the number one color.  Edges are thinner since many tubs are made from acrylic.  Heights are lower and some tubs have entry level ledges.

Walk-in tubs are a great idea for those with knee problems.

The lines are clean and simple.

#3. Any other ideas?

Placement of the tub is critical. Often it is backed to a wall which makes it easier to do the plumbing.  Faucets and sprays can be mounted on the wall.  In a tight space this is ideal.

One cool idea is the Japanese tub for full body immersion. Kind of like your own mini pool!

Are you ready to invite more wellness into your home? Consider this remodeling as a great place to start.