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DO YOU REMEMBER BLACK TOILETS? Black used to be a very high fashion color for bathroom sinks, baths and toilets. Like all specialty colors, it came and went. Well it’s back again. And it is #3 in popularity in the bathroom after white and biscuit. Black is sexy. Black is cool.  Black signifies luxury. This… Read more »

The Bathroom Remodel–The Final Result

The Bathroom Remodel—The Final Result  This is the final installment of the bathroom remodel.  I hope you enjoyed following the progress from the discovery of the leak to the creation of a new spa-like bathroom.  As a professional interior designer in Bergen County, NJ, I personalize the spa bath experience for the client. A remodeling… Read more »

5 Easy Ways to Make your Bathroom More Luxurious

5 Easy Ways to Make your Bathroom More Luxurious Remodeling or renovating the bathroom is one of the top requests for home improvement projects in Bergen County, NJ and around the country.  There are many reasons for taking on this project.  Aside from a leaky pipe that starts a project, most people want their utilitarian… Read more »