The Bathroom Remodel–The Construction


As a bathroom remodeling project continues, it is important to work as quickly as possible to restore the bathroom to the clients.  Losing the convenience of the bathroom is a major deal for them.  As a professional interior designer in Bergen County, NJ, I try to anticipate all problems and make sure all materials are present on site so the work moves ahead smoothly.

Construction may not be sexy to some, but this is where the basic work gets done so the finished product can be spectacular.

Here, we needed to add plywood to fill in the hole left from removing the previous tub. The plumbing needed to be moved from its previous location.  The old plumbing was taken out and the new positions for the faucet and tub drain were installed.

New insulation and wet board was installed, taped, spackled and sanded.

New electrical lines were installed for the replacement lighting we selected.

The walls were skim coated for smoothness and to create an even surface.

Wall moldings were installed and prepared for painting.

The heated flooring coils were installed and water proofing was added to prevent any future leaks.  The new tiles were installed and grouted.

Painting was done with contrast colors for the molding.

Measurements were taken for the beveled mirrors to be fabricated.

The new faucet and tub was now ready to be installed.

Here are some images from this part of the project:

Green board, taping, spackling, sanding, preparing the floor for heating coils

walls are skim coated, floors are water proofed

walls are painted

preparing molding on wall for painting, new tiles installed

measurements taken for new mirror inserts

We are almost done!  Stay tuned for the next steps in the process…