As a professional interior designer in Bergen County, NJ, I often have the job of finding the right vanity for a bathroom.  The one I select has to meet certain criteria depending on the type of bathroom it is.


No matter which kind of bathroom I am working on, the size of the room is a major determining factor.  In a larger space, a nice size vanity with lots of counter space and storage is a great advantage.  Not every bathroom has that luxury though.

[This one is Jennifer Anniston’s master bath.  It speaks for itself!]

Powder Room Bath.

I like to call the powder room bathroom the jewelry of the house.  Since no one is showering in here, the space only needs two things:  a toilet and a sink/vanity.

The powder room is usually a smaller space. The vanity doesn’t need to have lots of storage, usually just for essentials.  It is nice to have a big counter for accessories as well.

The style of this vanity usually reflects the rest of the furnishings in the public spaces in the home. If it is your personality, go bold in this space.  It’s a great room to make a statement.


Unless the guest bedroom has its own assigned bathroom, the bathroom, guests use is often the upstairs hall bathroom and is used by children of the home as well as guests.  It needs to meet the storage needs for basic bathing essentials.

If the space can accommodate it, a sixty inch vanity with two sinks may be installed.  The vanity style can match the style of the bedrooms.  It is somewhat utilitarian and easy to maintain.

A designated drawer for guest amenities may be ideal.

Master Bathroom.

This space has been getting larger and growing over time. It is becoming more luxurious and spa-like.  Many times, vanities are separated by “his” and “hers” so the storage is very specific. Function is very important.

People like drawers rather than shelves inside cabinets with doors for easy access.  This is very useful to everyone.

The style of vanity often relates to the master bedroom styling but it doesn’t have to.

Lighting over a vanity.

If you place a fixture over the mirror looking down on the sink, the lighting will cast a shadow on your face.  Make-up application will not be as successful.

A better lighting would be side lighting to illuminate your face for shaving or make-up without casting shadows.  An elongated wall sconce on either side of the mirror would be a great solution.

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