What Are the Hottest Home Improvement Projects Trending in 2017?

What Are the Hottest Home Improvement Projects Trending in 2017?

(5th in series on Kitchens and Home Remodeling and Construction)

As a professional Interior Designer in Bergen County, NJ, I am often asked for my advice from clients who are thinking down the road about selling their home.   They are interested in knowing what home features buyers are going to be looking for.  This way, when they remodel for themselves now, they can also plan to include the features that would put their home in the forefront for buyers.

So what are the features buyers will want in your home now?

I know we are all told that Kitchens and bathrooms are the best returns on the investment we can do in our homes and this is true.  However, this article is not about ROI necessarily.  It is about what sellers put in their listing to make their home be attractive to buyers.

According to the surveys done by researchers over a few year period, this is a list of the top “wants” buyer are looking for now, in descending order of interest.  These may not necessarily be the best return on your investment.  But if you are planning to do work on your home this year, you might want to add some or all of these to your list.

–free standing tub

–quartz counter tops

–“smart” homes

–built in bar

–stainless steel appliances

–breakfast nook

–marble counters

Do any of these items surprise you?

I see how smart homes continue to gain in popularity because of the convenience and efficiency these computer-based applications give the homeowner. Lighting, heating, water usage, window treatments and security that are controlled by one device is a great thing!  More recently, appliances are becoming “smart” and are controlled by your phone!

The free standing tub is a luxury item.  It is not a “necessity” but people love them!  Many include them because of how they look but confide that they never use them!  I am surprised that larger showers with no threshold design did not make the list.


Built in bars signal to me that people are looking for that special space in their home where all the things they need for entertaining are stored and they can host a party with ease.  Not that many homes have that special feature but it is a great way to gather your friends and family.  I like  to design it to include a small dishwasher, under counter refrigerator/freezer drawers and wine storage to make it an awesome, easy to use entertainment area.


Then there are the requests buyers have that are popular but might be fads right now, not trends yet…such as, open floor plans, neutral tones, de-cluttered spaces with lots of storage.

We will have to see on those items.

Which of these are you going to include in your home improvement projects in 2017?