We all know the actual definition of the word “luxurious”, but what it represents is different for each person. As a professional interior designer in Bergen County, NJ, I am often called upon to define and know what people mean when they say, “I want my home to be luxurious.”

I asked people to give me some words that come to mind when they think of the word “luxurious”.  They said: “deluxe, lavish, plush, opulent, grand, magnificent, extravagant, comfortable, sumptuous, first-class”.

For some people it is about the price, but for others it’s about how it made you feel emotionally.  Maybe both descriptions are true.

#1. Does a product have to be expensive to be luxurious?

I find the answer to that is “it depends”. But things don’t always have to be costly to be luxurious.  Sometimes a little thing that makes you feel special is your luxury.  You may find that ‘luxury” becomes your necessity!

Take for example your shower.

Having a great shower experience in the morning can really set the tone for the whole day.  So can a bad shower.  Think about all those hotel showers that were not up to your standards—that really made for a bad beginning of the day.

For some people, having a seat in the shower is one little luxury they really want.  It may be a luxury to some, but once you have it and like it, not having a shower seat is terribly missed.  It’s ok to stand up, but sitting down and have the water run on you is so much nicer!  The good news is that it is not costly to put in!

I feel that way about my hand held shower head.  When there is no Hand held in a hotel shower, I am not so happy!  What if I don’t have or want to squash my hair in a shower cap [!]  Maybe I don’t want to wash it that day and go through all of that?  I just want a quick rinse off…Well, with just an overhead showerhead, and especially if it is a rain-head, it’s like playing dodgeball in the shower!  That could really put you in a bad mood!

Some people feel that steam is a luxury option.  If you never had a steam shower experience you may not think of that option as important.  I am told that once you have the steam, you always want it.

#2. What are other “luxuries” people ask for in the bathroom?

Bubbly tubs,

Chroma-therapy (changing water colors),

Music and smart tech,

A heated bidet seat,

A heated toilet seat,

TVs in the mirror,

Magnifying mirrors in the mirror,

Towel warmers—warming drawers.

Special bathroom accessories.

–A beautiful holder for the toilet brush comes to mind.  It is a practical       item.  Everyone needs one, but a great    holder elevates this     accessory to a glam status!

–A beautiful soap dish or dispenser is a great accessory item that adds to feeling of the décor of the space.

Electric/USB ports and outlets.

Inside cabinet lighting.

Heated floors.

All of these used to be considered luxurious additions in the bathroom. Today, they are considered must-haves in lots of renovation projects.

What do you consider a “luxury” product?  Which items on this list do you want in your bathroom?

How can we make your day?  Did you know that some things can be upgraded without doing a complete renovation?

What do you want your bathroom to be? Give us a call to help you figure it out.