What’s on Tap for 2018?

What’s on Tap for 2018?

Will things change radically in the profession of interior design in 2018?  It’s that time of the year again, when we figure out what is going to happen based on what we see.  Yes, we are getting closer to next year already. Time is just zipping by.  As a professional interior designer in Bergen County, NJ, I am asked for my opinion on what are the new trends in 2018?

Here’s what I see…

#1. Return to Natural.

All through 2017 the rustic yet elegant look has picked up steam.  A return to nature means the use of organic materials that are nature inspired. Clean, simple lines with a dash of elegance thrown in is high on the wish list now.

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Functionality is super important. Storage and everything in place is crucial.

#2. Continuity.

The second most requested major renovation space continues to be the bathroom. Cladding the floor and the walls in the same material in bathroom remodeling lends simplicity, calmness and an open feeling.  This adds to the serenity of the space and a spa-like feeling which is highly desirable.  [FYI-the first most requested space to re-do is the kitchen!]

#3. Good planning.

It always starts with the space plan. Good design requires good balance, combining the classic with today’s sensibilities.  If you want a minimal look, the selections need to be chosen well so a warm look is accomplished.  When it all comes together, the look is effortless.

#4. Design tips to consider for 2018:

Include live greens and wood in the space to add life to the design

Consider darker colors that exude luxury and relaxation

Use matte finishes and brass combined with silver metals.

When done correctly, a well-designed room in 2018 will have restrained elegance with an intimate feel.

Comfort, style and function will be the key words to look for in interior design this coming year.  As the new year unfolds, I will bring you more observations about the market, new products and innovations so you will be up-to-date.  In this profession, nothing ever stays the same!  Always new things to learn about and implement.

What is your 2018 project going to be?