Which Countertop Material is Best for You?

Which Countertop Material Is Best for You?

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The countertop is probably the most highly used surface in the entire home.  When you are remodeling and want to upgrade the style of the kitchen or bathroom, choosing the right countertop is an important decision.  As a professional Interior Designer in Bergen County NJ, I often give my clients advice about the choices available.

Here are some of my thoughts:

#1. Laminate

Once upon a time, Laminate was the surface most people had in their homes.  It was affordable and came in a variety of colors and patterns.  Today it is still in use and the new patterns mimic natural materials very well.  It is a very cost effective choice and is regaining popularity.

#2. Granite

For some, laminate is not upscale enough. If you want a premium countertop, granite was the way to go.  It became very popular and many new stone quarries were discovered which had granite never seen before.  It is still very much the go-to material used in a variety of finishes from polished to honed etc.  There are many edge choices as well.

#3. Other important choices


Today you can select a countertop made from any of these in addition to granite, each with their own distinct look and advantages/disadvantages:


Solid surface




Stainless steel



Exotic wood


Recycled materials

Not all surface materials are perfect for every function in your home.  Some come with natural beauty but may require high maintenance.  Some stain and must be sealed.  Some do not come in lengths or widths that accommodate the large islands we want and need seams.  Some material doesn’t seam well. Some may be more costly than others.

Which one will make your kitchen or bathroom function well for your family and how you want to live?

 Sometimes using more than one material for various areas works well for you just as long as you are aware of the qualities of the materials and how to care and maintain them.

Investing in the right materials for the application you require will bring you the look and feel for your new space so you can start to create the magical moments with your family and friends in the home you desire.

Which surface is your favorite?