What Should You Know About Your Front Door?


It’s that time of the year when there is a higher inventory of new listings in the housing market. Summer is over and the frenzy of getting in before school starts is done. 

Did you ever think the front door was a big deal? Apparently, it is.

When you consider getting your home ready to sell, the exterior of your home makes an instant impression.

They say in 3 seconds a perspective buyer makes a decision on whether they like your house or not; even before they get out of the car.

The front door makes a huge difference according to Zillow. And they have tracked this stuff.

The color you paint the front door either increases or decreased the amount of money you will get for your home when it sells.

When you paint your front door either black or charcoal, you will make $6,271 more than any other color.

If you choose to paint the front door red raspberry, you will make $2,310 less than you expected.

Zillow did an analysis of home listings to see how different paint colors in and about a house affected the sale price.

I was surprised to read this statistic.  I guess a gallon of paint in the right color can bring in the $$!!