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What Should You Know About Your Front Door?

WHAT SHOULD YOU KNOW ABOUT YOUR FRONT DOOR? It’s that time of the year when there is a higher inventory of new listings in the housing market. Summer is over and the frenzy of getting in before school starts is done.  Did you ever think the front door was a big deal? Apparently, it is…. Read more »

Color Secrets Unveiled

Color Secrets Unveiled Did you ever wonder how paint companies come up with the “Color of the Year”?  As a professional interior designer in Bergen County, NJ, I often help clients and builders with selecting their paint colors. Here is some of the “behind the scenes” information that goes into figuring out what’s next in… Read more »

5 Tips that Show How Design can Increase Your Property Value

5 Tips that Show How Design can Increase Your Property Value There will come a time when you will decide to sell your home.  Of course, you will want to get the best price you can for it.  As a professional Interior Designer in Bergen County, I am often called upon by clients and real estate… Read more »