As a professional interior designer in Bergen County, NJ, I often get invited to my clients parties. This past year and a half we haven’t really had any parties! Now, we are finally getting back into the groove! Here’s some inspiration for your July 4th get together and decor! Have a great day no matter… Read more »


How Can Design Increase The Value of Your Home? There comes a time when you will decide to sell your home.  Of course, you want to get the best price you can for it.  As a professional Interior Designer in Bergen County, I am often called upon by clients and real estate agents to figure… Read more »

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Luxurious

5 Easy Ways to Make your Bathroom More Luxurious Remodeling or renovating the bathroom is one of the top requests for home improvement projects in Bergen County, NJ and around the country.  There are many reasons for taking on this project.  Aside from a leaky faucet, most people want their utilitarian bathrooms to be more… Read more »

Open Concept Spaces: Still Hot?

Open Concept Spaces:  Still Hot? As a professional interior designer in Bergen County, NJ, I often have clients who want to tear down walls to open their rooms into open concept space.  It is something they see on the decorating shows on TV, and they think they want that. Recently, the open concept idea has… Read more »