Why hire an interior designer? About a month ago I had a wonderful lunch with a young, professional mother of three who is the Marketing Director at a creative entertainment company in New York City. She and her husband had recently finished construction, combining two apartments into one living space. I posed this question: “Do… Read more »

It’s That Time of the Year Again!

This is what it is all about…the hectic rushing to and fro to complete our tasks before the deadline. It is about the home. As we gather together our family and friends around us, we take a look around at the beauty we have created through good design. May you and yours have a wonderful… Read more »

7 Ideas to Consider when Renovating the Kitchen

Is a kitchen remodel on your wish list this year? Whether you opt to redo everything down to the studs or reface and replace, there are some things many people want today. Which one tops your list of what you want? I. How should I plan for the island I want in the kitchen? Most… Read more »

What’s up in Bathroom Design for next Year?

Don’t you think that the bathroom is one of the most important and personal spaces in a home? You look at this space as your private retreat where you can concentrate on yourself. It is your oasis in a crazy, hectic world. I want to share with you some of the hottest trends I see… Read more »